The Filmmaker Fund

Creative Director.

The Filmmaker Fund supports and enriches independent documentaries that expose unique stories of the human condition. 

In the spirit of fostering great work, the Filmmaker Fund is committed to both proven and emerging filmmakers with assistance at every stage of production and post-production.  Primarily, our role is to remove the obstacles that lie in the way of great work.  From early stage funding, through production to the last edit, it is our aim to alleviate artistic encumbrances.  To be selected as a project of the Filmmaker Fund is to have a partner in the entirety of the journey.  That includes grants of up to $75K as well as an invitation to our annual retreat, festival navigation and distribution strategy. 

The Filmmaker Fund’s annual retreat will occur during the fall grape harvest at a private vineyard in Sonoma, California.  During these four days, selected directors and producers will have the creative space to process their thinking, delve deeply into their stories and engage with other teams and filmmaking mentors.  The intended purpose of these retreats is to offer up breathing space and a fundamental pause in which the narrative can be fully explored.  The property’s outbuildings include a barn screening room, guest quarters, and office space.  There are also the distractions of a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, organic garden, olive grove and a private winemaking room.